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Computers are really hot now, and we’re not just talking about the bottom of a MacBook Pro that’s been on for more than five minutes. (Pause for laughs.) No, but seriously, computers are a big part of everyday life—and they have been for a long time—so it’s not especially surprising that they’re taking over the TV world. HBO’s Silicon Valley probably used the mathematical powers of a computer to come up with a great dick joke, and James Van Der Beek’s Agent Elijah Mundo will be using computers every week to fight crime on CSI: Cyber.


Now—according to The Hollywood ReporterParenthood’s Jason Katims is getting into the computer game with a show about doctors who use computers. Welcome to the future! The pilot—which is being developed for CBS—is being written by Katims’ longtime collaborator Sarah Watson, and it will reportedly deal with “a controversial, outrageous, young tech titan who opens his own hospital.” Rather than being some kind of Civil War-style hospital where every problem is solved by leeches and amputation, though, it will be a modern super-hospital that features “a cutting-edge approach to medicine.”

We assume that means it will be fully staffed by robots who use lasers to diagnose patients, except for the one handsome human doctor who uses good old-fashioned street smarts to help people. “Damn it, Docto-Tron 1138,” he’ll shout during every single episode. “This man only needed a tender kiss on the forehead, not a heart transplant! When will you blasted machines realize that being a doctor is about more than just cutting people open?” They never will, human doctor. They never will.

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