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Having toiled for years in The Daily Show labor camp, where he was even successfully mated in captivity with Samantha Bee to produce the next generation of correspondents, Jason Jones is finally ready to be emancipated into the entertainment wilds. The show's affable everyman will team up with one of its former affable everymen, Steve Carell, with the latter co-producing with American Pie's Chris and Paul Weitz on a new sitcom written by and starring Jones. The premise finds Jones playing a successful Manhattan single guy who's never wanted kids, until [RECORD SCRATCH THE LENGTH OF 22 MINUTES PLUS COMMERCIALS, REPEATED WEEKLY] suddenly his sister dumps her two kids on him when she's forced to return to military service. This marks the second or third attempt by Jones to leave The Daily Show and make the jump to starring in primetime, although—in addition to picking a project where people are baffled by kids, which seems to be a popular sitcom scenario right now—perhaps some coaching from Carell in how to do that will help him break free this time, especially as every correspondent looking to leave The Daily Show must first strip to the waist and defeat Lewis Black in a cage match.


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