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Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis are Styling Hollywood in the trailer for the new Netflix series

Photo: Netflix

Netflix is expanding its network of fashion gurus with a brand new series, Styling Hollywood. Professional stylist Jason Bolden and interior designer Adair Curtis are business partners who run JSN Studio, a joint lifestyle company that has served some of Hollywood’s biggest names in Black talent—Ava DuVernay, Gabrielle Union, Eve, Janet Mock, Taraji P. Henson, and Storm Reid, just to list a few. They are also married and unabashedly doting enough to make us believe that love might actually be real. Netflix released the trailer today, which you can check out below.

Per a recent press release, the show also features a “talented crew of colorful employees,” though the trailer suggests that at least one professional relationship comes to a dramatic end. More importantly, Styling Hollywood highlights a section of the fashion industry that is often in high demand or a blatant source of inspiration (or straight up appropriated at times), and yet, as mentioned in the trailer, “we’ve never really heard about Black interior decorators and celebrity stylists.” No matter what’s in store, this has the potential to satisfy the growing market of people who like to recreationally hate everything they own.


Season one premieres on Netflix August 30.

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