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Jason Blum yanked off stage during award acceptance speech for talking shit about Trump

Photo: Bennett Raglin (Getty Images)

Proving that not even Hollywood awards shows—generally regarded as being several dead elephants’ worth of ready-made ivory tower, just rarin’ to go—are immune to America’s current political disgruntlement, horror producer Jason Blum reportedly found himself booed and pulled from the stage in the middle of an acceptance speech at the 32nd Israel Film Festival tonight. The Halloween producer incensed the crowd by using his speech to talk some shit about tonight’s elections, and specifically Donald Trump, having apparently (and wrongly) assumed that there was no safer place on the planet for a rich Los Angeles guy to express his displeasure at our asshole in chief than from the stage of an L.A. awards presentation.


Not so, though, as THR reports that the crowd began booing loudly, as Blum talked about Trump’s antagonism of the media and tacit support for racism, saying, “We have a president who calls the press the enemy of the people. Thanks to our president, anti-semitism is in the rise.” In video of the speech, you can hear the crowd get louder and louder as Blum continues to express his displeasure for Trump, eventually cheering when a man—identified by THR as Beverly Hills Pawn reality star Yossi Dina—walked up to the stage and began trying to pull the producer away from the podium. Eventually, security was called, and Blum was escorted from the event. One of the event’s hosts then tried to course-correct with a chipper “How about them Dodgers?”, but the crowd’s bloodlust didn’t seem especially sated by this L.A.-specific attempt at mollification.

Blum later reflected on his very weird evening on Twitter:


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