Really committing to this whole "We're making more Arrested Development" gag, last night Jason Bateman tweeted the above photo of he, Mitch Hurwitz, and Ron Howard together at "AD mission control," declaring that filming for that supposed Netflix-hosted fourth season starts in a mere four weeks. Of course, anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of image forensics analysis can tell that the photo is clearly a fake, what with the incongruous light patterns on Hurwitz's forehead, and the blurriness of Howard's face tellingly indicating that he's been Photoshopped in from another, lower-resolution imageā€”because obviously, they've been saying they're making more Arrested Development for years now, and there's just no way. Adding yet more evidence pointing to a vast conspiracy, Bateman concluded his tweet with a "Woo!"ā€”perhaps an innocent expression of joy to the very naĆÆve, but which savvier sorts will recognize as an acronym for "We're Obviously Obfuscating." We're onto you, Bateman.