The greatest trick the cast and crew of Arrested Development ever pulled (for money, possibly for candy) continues today, which ostensibly marked the first day of shooting on the "fourth season," or so this latest Jason Bateman-tweeted photo in an ongoing series of Bateman-tweeted photos aims to prove. Like his previous attempts to provide photographic evidence of an Arrested Development "reunion"—such as this one of Bateman, Ron Howard, and Mitch Hurwitz purportedly sharing the same physical space, or this one of Michael Cera standing against what is surely the cleverly disguised, jagged ruins of the original Bluth home set—this new photo is a mixture of sort-of convincing detail (Bateman says, "First day" and there are cameras shooting something!) and a complete absence of anything concretely related to Arrested Development.

In fact, the only recognizable faces in this photo are those of Workaholics stars Anders Holm and Adam DeVine, which only serves to add yet another layer to the increasingly complex web of lies Bateman and Co. are spinning. Hurwitz, after all, has already guest-starred on Workaholics, suggesting this whole "Arrested Development reunion" thing has, all along, been nothing but a Trojan horse to get you to watch that show. Trust us, it all makes sense when you see how it connects up on the Big Board.