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Jason Bateman to direct and star in an “FBI wedding comedy”

Count this as more proof for the people who think Hollywood relies on nothing but constant sequels and remakes and comic book adaptations: Universal is dipping back into the “FBI wedding comedy” well again. Pretty soon it’s just going to be easier to report on which movies aren’t FBI wedding comedies than to constantly have to talk about every single FBI wedding comedy.

Anyway, the most recent newcomer to this genre is Universal’s Untitled FBI Wedding Comedy, which Deadline reports is set to star Jason Bateman, who will also direct. This will be Bateman’s third directing job, after Bad Words and The Family Fang, all three of which he also starred in. Is it nepotism if you keep hiring yourself to be in movies? Either way, Untitled FBI Wedding Comedy is currently being re-written by The Pest’s David Bar Katz, who hasn’t written much of anything since then (according to IMDB).


We don’t know very much about Untitled FBI Wedding Comedy yet, but it’s a safe bet that it will stick pretty close to all of its genre’s conventions. The poster will have a woman in a wedding dress standing next to a guy in one of those blue FBI windbreakers, everyone will arrive at the wedding in blacked-out SUVs, one character will say his sister Samantha was abducted by aliens and another will be trying to catch Hannibal Lecter, there will be a wacky shootout with terrorists on the dance floor, and the groom will say “You’re my FBI’s Most Wanted” during a sappy speech to the bride. Everyone’s familiar with those FBI wedding comedy clichés, though. We don’t even need to bring them up.

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