Though Identity Thief is only just now hitting theaters, Jason Bateman is already planning his next big-screen comedy in which someone acts outlandishly around him and he responds dryly, as though he can’t believe he’s forced to tolerate them. It’s called Game Night, a Bateman-produced lark about a group of couple friends who regularly get together to play games, only to be caught up in a murder mystery that is not a game at all—not one bit. Deadline describes it as “in the Horrible Bosses vein,” in the sense that it will also have terrible things happening in the vicinity of Jason Bateman, and Jason Bateman reacting as though he’s not sure why he’s being included in them. Anyway, that’s all the details so far, but we like to imagine that, midway through the film, Bateman’s character simply abandons the other couples and returns home to his wealthy family who lost everything, then spends the rest of the movie keeping them all together.