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Jason Bateman joins Watergate drama Felt

Arrested Development

According to Deadline, Jason Bateman has joined the cast of Felt, the Watergate movie that is still not a Kermit The Frog biopic. Liam Neeson is starring in the film as FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt, better known to a pair of Washington Post reporters in the ‘70s as Deep Throat. Bateman will play FBI agent Charlie Bates, who discovers in the film that Felt is the one leaking information about the Watergate investigation to the media, leaving him “conflicted about whether to destroy his mentor or protect him.” (Not to spoil history, but Bates probably doesn’t “destroy” Felt because he didn’t admit to being Deep Throat until 2005.) The Hollywood Reporter says Diane Lane will also be in the film as Audrey Felt, the woman who “shouldered the burden of her husband’s isolated and dangerous struggle against the White House.” There’s no word on who will play Woodward and Bernstein, but Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman could probably nail it if the studio did some of that Tron-style de-aging CG.

Felt will be directed by Concussion’s Peter Landesman, who also wrote the script.


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