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Provided the Summer Of Jason Bateman is a success, the actor could build on the momentum of The Change-Up and Horrible Bosses and his growing reputation as the go-to guy for big studio comedies by starring alongside another dude who’s long held that title. Bateman is in negotiations to join his Couples Retreat and The Break-Up co-star Vince Vaughn in Universal’s The Insane Laws, about the criminalization of marijuana—am I right, bros? Or in another, more accurate way, it’s a comedy from Break-Up writer Jeremy Garelick about two lifelong best friends whose kids fall in love at college, with Bateman’s son getting Vaughn’s daughter pregnant.


And then they both begin eating their own hair and making shallow cuts in their skin to dig out the microscopic bugs. No, just kidding again; the “insane” is probably a hyperbolic way of saying that they engage in one of those escalating wars of one-upsmanship that characterized The Break-Up. “Insane” just doesn’t mean what it used to, have you noticed? Anyway, the film is scheduled to begin shooting as early as this fall, so presumably Bateman will be making it during his off-hours from making the Arrested Development movie that is totally happening before the end of the year.

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