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Remember the Night At The Museum series, where Ben Stiller was in a museum at night and all of the exhibits came to life and… had an adventure or whatever? Well, please forget about those movies, because Netflix is developing a project that sounds a little similar and we don’t want to embarrass any of the people involved. As for who those people are, The Hollywood Reporter says the untitled movie will star John Cena and will be directed by Jason Bateman, with the script coming from Game Night’s Mark Perez. Bateman is also expected to appear in the movie.


Unlike Night At The Museum, which was set in a museum, this will take place at an abandoned movie set where a family has somehow been trapped. Naturally, the props that have been left behind somehow come to life, and the family members “find themselves stuck in various movies.” We’re going to guess Bateman will be the dad in the family, and Cena will be some parody of an action hero character that the family encounters.

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