In more casting news concerning a Seinfeld alum, Jason Alexander has let slip that he's filming a guest role on an upcoming episode of Community‚ÄĒpresumably one of the remaining episodes left to be filmed after Chevy Chase bowed out. Alexander would say only that it's a "crazy episode" and "a fun one," thus differentiating it from the sobering slog that is most Community episodes, which rival Lars von Trier in their bleak depiction of human despair. It's also possible that Alexander will be part of the crew's quickly concocted workaround for dealing with Chase's absence, perhaps by having any on-screen question of where Pierce is answered by Jason Alexander popping up and going, "Hey, look at me! I'm Jason Alexander! I played George on Seinfeld! I was in the pool! Lupus? Is it Lupus?" and that will just sort of take care of it.¬†[via TV Guide]