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Jason Alexander to play an unhinged psychotherapist for Adult Swim


Deadline is reporting that Jason Alexander is going to star in an untitled pilot for Adult Swim. The synopsis describes Alexander’s character as a revered psychotherapist who provides his patients with the very best care—until he doesn’t. The premise sees the esteemed doctor experiencing a mental breakdown, which manifests in increasingly outlandish behavior and bizarre patient treatment. While his erratic comportment is concerning to his fellow doctors, Alexander is held in such high regard that none of his peers are willing to point out that Crazy Town’s newest Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Like Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Eagleheart and Childrens Hospital, the pilot for the live-action Dr. Jason Alexander Goes Batshit (or whatever they wind up calling it) will fit into Adult Swim’s 15-minute programming blocks. The pilot was created by Adam Lustick, who has appeared in smaller acting roles on The Office and Silicon Valley, and played a really annoying Damon Lindelof for College Humor.


Meanwhile Alexander is known for the role of George Costanza on the obscure ‘90s situational comedy, Seinfeld. Costanza also exhibited uncontrolled outbursts and carried himself with a perplexing demeanor. Nobody pointed out George’s lack of decorum, either—mostly because it was his defining character trait. The pilot for a fully certified and certifiably insane George Costanza will be produced by Adult Swim’s in-house Alive and Kicking production team.

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