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Jason Alexander to appear in a Simpsons episode about Trump University


The Simpsons has fully embraced the ridiculousness of this year’s presidential election, putting out a couple of shorts that poked fun at the inherent negativity in political debates and including a campaign ad that convinced Homer Simpson to officially declare that he’s a Democrat. But it sounds like that line of inspiration is going to continue into the show’s next season as well. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, an upcoming episode of The Simpsons will satirize Donald Trump’s Trump University, the real-estate training program that may or may not have been a huge scam.

The Simpsons’ version of Trump University will—naturally—be called Burns University, and it’ll be the brainchild of an evil inventor named Bourbon Verlander who works with Mr. Burns to pack the school with fake students and take the student loan money that the government gives them. Verlander will be played by Jason Alexander, who has some experience playing bad guys on comedy shows thanks to his years as the villainous George Constanza on Seinfeld.


In addition to Alexander, the episode—titled “The Caper Chase”—will also feature the voices of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ken Jennings, Suze Orman, and Robert McKee. It’s set to air early next year, which will hopefully be at least a few months after we stop paying attention to Donald Trump.

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