(Photo courtesy of the BBC)

Jarvis Cocker is taking to the sea—or, rather, he’s bringing the sea with him on stage. The Pulp frontman is set to perform an underwater-themed set alongside the BBC Philharmonic in London on September 10. The show, which is called a prom but isn’t the same thing as an American prom, is inspired by Cocker’s Radio 4 show Wireless Nights and will feature tunes from composers like Bach, Wagner, Debussy, and John Williams alongside tunes from Tim Buckley and Echo & The Bunnymen. If that sounds confusing (or at least eccentric), that’s probably the goal. As a press release hyping the show notes, the show will transform the Royal Albert Hall “into a gigantic diving bell, taking us on a voyage to the bottom of the sea, a voyage to the bottom of ourselves.”