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Jarvis Cocker to take London audiences under the sea

(Photo courtesy of the BBC)

Jarvis Cocker is taking to the sea—or, rather, he’s bringing the sea with him on stage. The Pulp frontman is set to perform an underwater-themed set alongside the BBC Philharmonic in London on September 10. The show, which is called a prom but isn’t the same thing as an American prom, is inspired by Cocker’s Radio 4 show Wireless Nights and will feature tunes from composers like Bach, Wagner, Debussy, and John Williams alongside tunes from Tim Buckley and Echo & The Bunnymen. If that sounds confusing (or at least eccentric), that’s probably the goal. As a press release hyping the show notes, the show will transform the Royal Albert Hall “into a gigantic diving bell, taking us on a voyage to the bottom of the sea, a voyage to the bottom of ourselves.”


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