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Jarvis Cocker says Pulp is done (again) for the foreseeable future

Fans of sultry Britpop are just going to have to hold out for that Blur reunion, as Jarvis Cocker says the reunited Pulp won’t be recording any new material. Cocker told Q that it was hard enough for the band to learn all its old material for its recent string of shows, and that it doesn’t have any more performances—or anything else, really—planned after the Coachella cruises this December. “We’ll just be cruising off into the sunset,” Cocker says of that post-cruise cruise. “We’ve played for a while and it’s been really good, but you can’t keep doing that forever.”

Fortunately for Britpoptimists, Cocker doesn’t rule out any future reunions. Of course, he doesn’t exactly rule them in either, saying, “Who knows? I’m not stoking those particular rumors.”

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