Suicide Squad

According to Deadline, Jared Leto has signed on to star in an “action thriller” called The Outsider, about an American soldier imprisoned in post-WWII Japan who is freed by his yakuza cellmate. To pay back this debt, he begins working with the yakuza and “navigating the dangerous criminal underworld,” which will probably work out wonderfully for him. Leto will play the American soldier, obviously, and Deadline points out that this will only be his second acting gig since winning the Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club—the first, of course, being the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Speaking of that movie, it’s unclear at this point if Leto’s character in The Outsider will follow the Joker’s lead by getting a forehead tattoo that indicates his mental state. Maybe “relieved,” since he’ll be happy to be out of prison? Or “anxious,” since yakuza tend to be pretty intimidating? Anyway, The Outsider will be written by Bastille Day‘s Andrew Baldwin, and no other details—including casting information beyond Leto—have been announced yet.