(Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Here’s betting the next time we all see Jared Leto, he’ll be wearing a grey wig and sunglasses trying to convince someone to make a screen test: The actor has signed on to play Andy Warhol in a new film that he’ll also produce, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The biopic, which is not-very-creatively titled Warhol, is set to be written by The Wolf Of Wall Street’s Terence Winter, fresh off Vinyl, which means we’re guaranteed extended sequences of people doing drugs. Winter is basing the screenplay off of Victor Bockris’ book Warhol: The Biography.

Leto spent the last year trying to convince everyone how hardcore he went as the Joker in Suicide Squad only to see the movie get savaged by critics and most of his scenes cut. Presumably going Method to play Warhol won’t require a live rat, but here’s betting he’ll still find a way to brag about just how serious about his craft he is. And this is, admittedly, a dip back into the prestige waters for Leto, who won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club.