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Jared Leto to impose himself across America

Photo: Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

No longer content to let America simply come to him, seeking its next big weird-eyed movie villain or serviceable rock song, actor and 30 Seconds To Mars frontman Jared Leto has declared that he’s coming for you, nation. Leto announced on Twitter yesterday that he’s intending to meander across the country for the next week, in service of brotherhood, oneness, and also of promoting his band’s new album (also called America, obviously).


As all great transcontinental odysseys must, Leto’s voyage started in that bulwark of pioneer spirit, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, where Fallon gamely giggled along with the actor/musician’s latest bit. Now, Leto announced, he intends to spend the next several days traveling the highways and biways of the country, “hitchhiking,” “running,” “spelunking,” “hot air ballooning,” “donkey-riding,” etc. in search of someone, somewhere, who’ll help him find out who, or what, America really is (besides a new album from 30 Seconds To Mars, out April 6th.)

So don’t be alarmed, America, if you’re just going about your day, when a hot air balloon descends from the heavens, a rampaging character actor desperately shouting at you to define yourself; it’s just Jared Leto, having his fun and promoting his tunes. (That being said, America, you might not want to give Leto your shipping address; it probably won’t end well.)

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