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Jared Leto’s douchey twitpics inspired the latest Internet meme

Words to live by

For a few years, the world was able to escape Jared Leto. Sure, he was touring with his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, but that was easy enough to ignore or simply write off as a lesser My Chemical Romance. But ever since he made a comeback with Dallas Buyers Club, even picking up an Academy Award while offending the trans community, a new Leto outbreak has begun within the population. He was rumored to be in contention to play Dr. Strange for Marvel, and now he has seeped into social media. Apparently Leto enjoys combining deep thoughts one arrives at while working on Urban Legend with inspirational photos of beautiful landscapes featuring an even more beautiful prop, Jared Leto. This has led to such posts as:


(Yes he is quoting himself in that top photo) Never one to let a moment of potential egotism and awkward sincerity pass without comment, the Internet has risen up to provide Leto with even more quotes that fully explore the rich depths of this complex existence that is being Jared Leto. Hopefully this pairing of profound thoughts with the serene beauty of Leto will provide readers with the inspiration they need to get through their days of not being Jared Leto. (Header pic via @_slabs_)

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