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Jared Leto is now the chief creative officer of streaming service Fandor

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Scott Dudelson)

Fandor is a streaming service based on carefully curated selections of independent and foreign films you probably won’t find on any other streaming services, but there’s a chance that its carefully curated collection might include disgusting surprises like dead pigs and used condoms from now on. That’s because The Hollywood Reporter says that Jared Leto has been named the new chief creative officer of Fandor, and he’ll now be “the creative voice of the company.” Basically, that means Leto will be “contributing towards original programming and hosting one of Fandor’s live streaming events set for later this year,” with Fandor also utilizing Leto’s personal streaming platform/social media thing VyRT as part of the deal.

In a statement, Leto said that he’s “a longtime Fandor subscriber” and noted that he has a “special appreciation” for the site’s “distinctive programming and recommendation engine.” He also appreciates that Fandor is personally curated by actual humans, as opposed to algorithms, so he’s hoping to bring his “unique perspective” to the service.


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