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Jared Leto in talks to do his Jared Leto thing in another comic book movie

(Photo: Getty Images for Carrera, Stuart C. Wilson)

Though he only appeared in the film for a few minutes, Jared Leto basically dominated the entirety of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad just by being Jared Leto, and now he may have found another comic book movie that he can jazz up with some forehead tattoos and annoying behind-the-scenes “gifts.” According to Deadline, Leto is in talks to star in Sony’s adaptation of Bloodshot, the indie comic book published by Valiant about a mafia hitman who gets double-crossed and forced into an experimental program that turns him into a super-strong killing machine.

The Bloodshot movie originally had John Wick directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski attached a few years ago, but it sounds like they’re no longer attached. Unsurprisingly, this project is also meant to help set up an eventual Valiant cinematic universe, which would give superhero fans an off-brand alternative to the increasingly complicated Marvel and DC movies—assuming any Valiant movies actually take off.


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