According to a Fox affiliate in Indiana, Jared Fogle is reportedly planning to plead guilty to charges related to possession of child pornography later this week. Fogle’s home was raided by the FBI in early July, a few months after the man in charge of his anti-childhood-obesity foundation was arrested for possession of child porn. At the time, a lot of people were hoping that the FBI was only looking at Fogle because of his connection to this other guy, partly because we like to assume that public figures aren’t disgusting pedophiles and partly because Subway’s Meatball Marinara is a good sandwich that we’d otherwise never be able to eat again.

However, that all seems to be out the window now, as Fogle pleading guilty to possession of child pornography pretty much settles any debate about whether or not he was possessing any child pornography. We don’t know if he’ll pull some bullshit “I was holding it for the other guy” excuse, but we’ll see how that all shakes out when he enters the official plea in court on Wednesday. Variety adds that he cut some kind of deal for his plea, so hopefully Fogle can manipulate the system into giving him the very small amount of special treatment he “deserves” as a minor, minor, minor celebrity.


Also, regarding Subway, the restaurant “suspended” its relationship with Fogle back when all of this originally surfaced, even though Fogle suggested at the time that this whole thing would eventually go away. Apparently he didn’t think all of those computers and DVDs full of child porn that the FBI confiscated from his home were that big of a deal. Now, though, Subway has posted an official statement on Facebook, saying, simply, “we no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment.”