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A sense of humor isn’t something that the self-serious world of heavy music is particularly suffering from right now. That’s what makes Turns 13, the sophomore album by Jar’d Loose, such a scathing blast of chest-caving fun. Not that the band traffics in comedy; Turns 13 is a grinding, twisted, dynamic batch of noise-rock anti-anthems full of acidic riffs and The Jesus Lizard-esque bile. “Adult Prom,” which is being debuted here, is a perfect example: Sick, sinuous, and sly, it’s the kind of music that makes you wish punk and metal had never grown out of puberty.


Turns 13 will be released May 27 via The Path Less Traveled/Threshold Of Pain.


Jar’d Loose tour 2014
With Fuck The Facts
April 18—The Underground—Oshkosh, Wisconsin
April 19— Triple Rock Social Club—Minneapolis, Minnesota

With The Swan King
May 30—Carabar—Columbus, Ohio
June 2—O’Brien’s—Boston, Massachusetts
June 3—St. Vitus—Brooklyn, New York
June 4—JR’s—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 5—Strange Matter—Richmond, Virginia
June 6—Sidebar—Baltimore, Maryland
June 7—Howlers—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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