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Japanese wrestling has its own Donald Trump storyline, and it is getting extremely weird

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By now, you’ve probably heard that, in addition to somehow being elected president of the United States, Donald Trump is also a member of WWE’s Hall Of Fame. He was a prominent player in the pro wrestling company during the late ’00s, a stint that included the “Battle Of The Billionaires” in which Trump came out victorious over Vince McMahon and shaved the wrestling magnate’s head. With Trump’s presidential campaign raising so much ire all over the world, it was only a matter of time before his presence would seep back into professional wrestling, an art form that’s built on getting a reaction out of your audience in any way possible—for better or worse. For example, evil Trump-loving luchadores have become common in Mexico since 2015. But a pro-wrestling company in Japan just debuted its own Trump spin, and it’s way sillier than some gringos waving Trump 2016 flags in a cheap attempt to piss off the locals.


Say hello to DDT Pro Wrestling’s Donald Trump. According to Dramatic DDT, a fan site dedicated to this wacky Japanese company that’s known for its over-the-top characters, matches held at campsites, and men wrestling blow-up dolls, Trump took a break from golfing and running the free world to show up during the build to DDT’s annual Judgement anniversary show and declared that one of its matches would be a “World Wrestling War.” He also kissed a referee.


The match in question was between Danshoku Dino and Joey Ryan, two wrestlers you might remember from a viral clip where Ryan used the power of his penis to win a test of strength against Dino. GIFs of the incident spread far and wide, even making it all the way to ESPN. For this big match at Judgement, Dino was given the opportunity to name his opponent and challenged Ryan to a rematch for his Iron Man Heavymetalweight title. That’s when “Trump,” who Dino is convinced is just another wrestler that evolved into Trump “like a Pokémon,” stepped in and held a press conference to announce their match would be an “Anal Explosion Death Match.”

Believe it or not, this is not the first match of that kind to be held in Japan, although the rules of previous Anus Explosion matches were a little different. Traditionally, the match only ends when one wrestler is able to set off a firework in the other wrestler’s ass. In this case, some poor sap who wasn’t even in the match, which was held this last night in Japan, had to take the anus explosion. And yes, DDT has provided video of the ass blast, if you’re curious enough to watch:


The whole affair was something of a marketing ploy put on by DDT and the website Pro Wrestling Tees, who sponsored the match, in an attempt to attract American viewers to its DDT Universe streaming service. And you know what? It might be weird enough to work.


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