Jank (Photo: Polo Itona)

Jank occupies a space few bands have ever been able to pull off. It’s not necessarily a joke band—though it’s written goofy songs like “The Hat Store”—but it’s not approaching music with any level of self-seriousness either. Instead, the Philadelphia trio finds a way to fit snugly in the middle. Jank’s often called “emo,” but it functions more like a math-rock band, writing pop songs that avoid the pretension associated with those genres at every turn. Last week, the band released Versace Summer, an eight-song EP that’s a huge leap forward for Jank. This is not to diminish the quality of the band’s debut album, Awkward Pop Songs, but Versace Summer smoothes every rough edge without losing the band’s charms in the process.

Today, Jank kicks off a tour in support of Versace Summer and, with that, The A.V. Club is debuting the band’s video for one of its songs, “This Song Is About My Bike Ralph And It’s Called ‘Ralph.’” In a way, it’s the most traditional love song the band’s ever written, but that doesn’t keep Jank’s lighthearted nature from poking through in the video. Guitarist-vocalist Matt Diamond tools around Philly on the back of Ralph, hoping up curbs without a care in he world. But he shares some softer moments with Ralph, too. They spoon lovingly in bed, showing Ralph how nice it can be to kick your wheels up and take a load off.


Versace Summer is out now, and Jank’s tour dates can be found below.


— JANK (@JANKphl) July 31, 2016