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According to The Hollywood Reporter, multimedia superstar Janelle Monáe has signed a first-look development deal with Universal through her Wondaland Pictures label, meaning the movie world should be getting even more Monáe—whether its acting, producing, or anything else she might decide to do—going forward. Specifically, Monáe and Universal say the goal of this deal is to allow her and Wondaland to “champion underrepresented voices and new perspectives,” with Universal chairman Donna Langley saying that Monáe is “at the forefront” of “an exciting, artistic revolution” and that the “forward-thinking, inclusive approach” that she and Wondaland bring to “content and storytelling make them a perfect fit” for Universal.


This comes as Monáe has made a serious foray into the movie industry over the last few years, most notably with Hidden Figures and Moonlight, and she’ll also be appearing Welcome To Marwen, Disney+’s Lady And The Tramp remake, and the UglyDolls movie.

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