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Janelle Monae is retooling "The Siamese Cat Song" for the Lady And The Tramp remake, thank goodness

Photo: Matt Winkelmeye (Getty Images)

It looks like Janelle Monae has a little more to give to Disney+’s Lady And The Tramp remake. On top of voicing the role of Peg, Monae will also giving a much-needed makeover to 1955 film’s Siamese Cat Song, per a report from Variety. Those who are even marginally familiar with the original song’s wildly problematic depiction of Asian tropes may find this to be a necessary development. Monae will also be submitting a yet-to-be-specified second song for the project.

The remake will also include an entirely new concept for the Siamese duo thanks, in part, to the guidance of Wondaland’s Nate “Rocket” Wonder and Roman GianArthur. While there aren’t many available details as to what this revamping will look like, Variety reports that they will not be cats. The new-and-already-improved Lady And The Tramp will star Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux.




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