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Last night, after winning a Creative Arts Emmy for her guest appearance on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jane Lynch revealed that she recently sold a pitch to Netflix that she’s billing as “kind of a Golden Girls for today.” Lynch wouldn’t say much else, but she also teased that she’s developing it with Cyndi Lauper, with the two of them playing characters who are their real ages (60 and 65) who are trying to figure out what to do next in their lives “without ever having had husbands or children.” Also, there will be two additional characters who haven’t been cast yet, since you need more than two people to have a Golden Girls, but we don’t know if either them will be Emmy winning guest actors or legendary ‘80s pop stars.


This comes from Variety, which also did a bit of digging into this project and discovered that comedian and Seinfeld veteran Carol Leifer is also working on the show. She apparently posted a photo on Facebook a few months ago of her with Lauper and Lynch, next to a caption about it being a “writer’s dream” to work with the two of them.

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