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Illustration for article titled Jane Lynch and Alan Tudyk join the cast of Adult Swim’s iTeam Unicorn/i pilot

Adult Swim has begun production on a pilot called Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour!—a live-action/animation hybrid about four mythical heroines masquerading as human girls. Described as a grown-up twist on Saturday morning cartoons, the show is based on the work of Team Unicorn, a Los Angeles production company that first got attention for G33K & G4M3R GIRLS—a video about the joys of being a female nerd—before moving on to equally geeky projects like A Very Zombie Holiday and superHarmony. Team Unicorn members Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt will executive produce alongside Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, the duo behind Robot Chicken. Green, who has already starred in music videos produced by Team Unicorn, will direct the pilot, which was written by Greg The Bunny creator Greg Milano. It’s a lot of whimsy in one place.

Jane Lynch has signed on the provide the voice of villain Dark Puba, while Alan Tudyk will play her sidekick, Chummy Cherub. Lynch and Tudyk previously starred together in Wreck-It Ralph, so they have some experience with nerdy voice-acting projects.


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