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Continuing to toil for the system, as all communists must, Jane Fonda has added to a recently busy schedule of guest-starring on The Newsroom and upsetting old people by playing Nancy Reagan, signing on to star in the new ABC pilot Now What?.  As its preemptively sarcastically pissy title might suggest, Now What? follows a S#*! My Dad Says-reminiscent plot of "standard sitcom formula + Internet thing," concerning a young-(ish) woman who writes a public blog titled "Dear Mom, Here's Why I Hate You…" listing all the reasons why she's angry with her Fonda-portrayed mom, and prompting the latter to move in with her until they sort out their problems. Various blog-hijinks ensue on the way to a better blog-understanding, until eventually the two work out their blog-differences, and share a blog-hug and a big bowl of strawberry blog-ice cream. Anyway, this is why you don't put that shit in blogs.


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