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Jane Fonda And Friends Get Arrested has quickly become one of the more enjoyable new shows of the Fall 2019 season, featuring as it does some of our favorite feel-good aspects and tropes: Ted Danson making a big, friendly smile; various famouses using their privilege and lack of fear of the police in service of a good cause; and, of course, the fun reminder of the ever-present terror and oncoming doom of climate change. Now the series (i.e., the now-regular footage of Fonda getting arrested for leading her weekly Fire Drill climate change protests on Capitol Hill) has aired what might be termed its own Very Special Episode, as last night’s BAFTA LA Britannia Awards included a clip of Fonda thanking the Los Angeles adjunct of the British Academy for her Stanley Kubrick award for excellence in film—while being put in handcuffs.


Obviously, this is very funny and good—even if we’re pretty sure there are a lot of non-famous folks who would get a much less lenient response from D.C. cops if they started yelling about Stanley Kubricks and BAFTAs in the middle of their arrest. (“He’s got a BAFTA! Call for back-up!”) Other awardees at last night’s event included Jordan Peele, Jackie Chan, Norman Lear, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

[via Variety]

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