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Jane Campion’s Top Of The Lake gets second season

Jane Campion’s dramatic miniseries Top Of The Lake, her first foray into television since 1990’s An Angel At My Table, is getting a second season. Starring Elisabeth Moss, Thomas M. Wright, and Holly Hunter, the series tells a devastating story of rape, incest, and small-town gossip set against a deceptively gorgeous New Zealand backdrop. Moss won a Golden Globe for her role of Robin Griffin, a Sydney police inspector who returns to her small New Zealand hometown to solve a mystery involving a pregnant 12-year-old, a case which forces Griffin to deal with her own demons. The seven-episode-long series upended male-centric murder-mystery tropes, telling a story that was both breathtaking and deeply uncomfortable.

Along with writer Gerard Lee, Campion will develop the second season for BBC2. Although several questions were left unanswered at the close of season one, it’s not yet known whether the second season will pick up where season one left off, or will branch out into other mysteries—like Matt’s drug operation, or GJ and the women of Paradise, or Johnno’s own potentially dark past.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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