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Jamie Lee Curtis rang in her career with a blood-curdling scream and, all these years later, it continues to resound. After returning to the Halloween franchise with Blumhouse’s ongoing revival trilogy, the actor is now teaming with Jason Blum’s genre juggernaut to co-write and direct a horror film that in some way is “centered around climate change.”


This comes via Deadline, who note that Curtis and her Comet Pictures label have signed a three-year, first look deal with Blumhouse that encompasses both TV and film projects.


“I’m 61 and my motto now is: ‘If not now, when, if not me, who?’” Curtis said in a statement. “I’m excited to have a creative home to explore my own ideas and others. Jason and his team have made me feel welcome. Comet is ready to bring these stories to screen life.”

Curtis is writing the film, titled Mother Nature, alongside Comet’s Head Of Film and TV Development, Russell Goldman. She’s previously directed episodes of Scream Queens and Anything Bur Love, and she’s set to direct, produce, and star in an upcoming Lifetime film, How We Sleep at Night: The Sara Cunningham Story.

Halloween Kills wrapped filming late last year and, as of now, is still scheduled to open on October 16.

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