Earlier this year, Ryan Murphy had a really cool idea about combining comedy and horror, a “whole new genre” he came up with on his own. “I’m going to call it—check this out—Scream Queens,” he probably said as Fox executives nodded vigorously. “Man, where do I come up with this stuff?”

Anyway, Fox immediately ordered 15 episodes, and now Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts have been cast as the female leads for Murphy’s third anthology series so far. Neither of these names should be terribly surprising, considering Roberts co-starred in the third and fourth seasons of American Horror Story and Curtis played archetypal “final girl” Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s Halloween. Their roles on the new Scream Queen series are still undefined, but based on the title at least one of them (the smart money’s on Roberts) will trip and fall for absolutely no reason while being chased by a masked killer. Scream Queens will debut on Fox in the fall of 2015.