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Jamie Foxx's Electro will prove Geraldo right in Amazing Spider-Man 2

Like a waking nightmare spawned from Geraldo Rivera’s deepest fears, here is Jamie Foxx’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 villain Electro, a man who threatens all of New York with his terrifying hoodie. Also, the fact that he can bend electricity to his will doesn’t help things—things like his complexion, which has been transformed to a severe, icy blue that some fans will note more closely resembles the version of Electro seen in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books, while others will simply note that he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze or Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan. Or Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine, after getting trapped in the Death Star’s walk-in. Or an obsessed Avatar fan. Or an infected Smurf. But frankly, like Geraldo said, all we can see is the hoodie. It’s almost like Electro wants to be perceived as a menace. [via Splash NewsSuperheroHype]


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