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Illustration for article titled Jamie Foxx says that Martin Scorsese is directing his Mike Tyson biopic

The closest most of us ever got to working with “Iron” Mike Tyson was taking Little Mac the distance in Punch-Out!! Of course, Jamie Foxx isn’t most of us. Having won an academy award for his work in Ray (the Hollywood equivalent of entering 007 373 5963 into your NES controller), Foxx has already landed the role of Tyson. Now Foxx is claiming that Martin Scorsese is attached to the film, which would be his first boxing biopic since that other one. Foxx made the boast while calling into Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to discuss his single with Chris Brown, presumably as evidence that he doesn’t exclusively collaborate with douchebags like Chris Brown.


While there is no official confirmation of Scorsese’s participation, actors calling into radio shows to claim prestigious directors are helming their projects is the next best thing. The film doesn’t have a title or supporting cast yet, but Wolf Of Wall Street scribe Terrence Winter is penning the script. If this is true and the film is moving forward, we’re assuming that Foxx will spend the next few months bulking up in the gym, getting tattoos on the front half of his head, and mastering all of Iron Mike’s signature pugilist moves, like his “one-two wink jab” and “double upper-cut.”

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