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With Ride Along and its upcoming sequel, Kevin Hart seems to be carving a little niche for himself in movies about a funny guy being paired up with a serious guy who hates him. It’s a genre that we call “Shrek Movies,” and Hart’s next one has just gone through a big casting change. The film, titled The Black Phantom, was originally going to feature Jamie Foxx as the serious guy who hates Kevin Hart, but according to Deadline, he has now been replaced by Samuel L. Jackson.


Hart will play a hitman who gets double-crossed by the mob, and Jackson will play a second hitman called “The Black Phantom” who is hired to kill him. He apparently doesn’t go through with it, though, as the two eventually team-up to do whatever two hitmen do when they’re not hitting men. Pedicures, probably. Deadline says the movie is an “outrageously inappropriate comedy,” so a lot of the humor will probably come from Hart saying something outrageously inappropriate and then Jackson responding with something cold and world-weary, just like in all of his movies. Or he’ll just say “motherfucker” a lot. People seem to enjoy it when he does that.

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