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Jamie Foxx had to deal with racist Croatian locals while filming Robin Hood: Origins

Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Jamie Foxx is currently filming Robin Hood: Origins, in which he stars as Little John opposite Taron Egerton’s Robin Goodfellow. Production is located in Dubrovnik, a Croatian resort town near the Adriatic Sea, where The Associated Press reports Foxx had a run-in recently with a couple of racist locals. According to Croatian police, two men were charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly using a racial slur in reference to Foxx.

The Oscar winner was not named in the police report, but Foxx reportedly expressed dismay over the incident on his Instagram account not long after it happened. He’s since deleted his comments, but Croatian police are apparently considering pursuing other charges against the men, who reportedly made “particularly arrogant and rude” comments about the actor. The AP points to a rise in far-right sentiments across Europe (and the U.S.), which apparently has reached even scenic seaside towns. So basically, everything is still terrible. But before this shit went down, Foxx did tell his Instagram followers that the beauty of Dubrovnik was blowing his mind, which unfortunately probably won’t do much to offset any negative press surrounding the racist incident.


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