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Jamie Foxx combines all the TV shows into one TV show about an ass-kicking female assassin who is also a lawyer and in the mob

TV shows about ass-kicking secret-ops females are popular. TV shows about the mafia are popular. TV shows about lawyers are popular. Jamie Foxx is popular. What if there were some way to combine all of these elements into one television thing using some sort of magical television alchemy? You would then have the NBC drama Tommy’s Little Girl, which is based on Foxx’s concept of “La Femme Nikita meets The Sopranos,” and which stars Selma Blair as a girl who hails from a mafia family, then is shuttled off to an orphanage after said family is massacred by a competing crime boss, then grows up to be “an attorney by day, and a deadly, well-trained killer by night, as she avenges her family's murder and attempts to locate her last living relative.” So more honestly, it’s DC's the Huntress meets The Sopranos—especially with Tony Sirico attached to the project, who plays one of the older mob guys alongside Paul Sorvino and James Russo. It’s also ludicrous, but that won’t stop it from getting made. People just can’t say no to Jamie Foxx.


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