According to Variety, Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan are set to star in director Baran Bo Odar’s remake of French film Sleepless Night—or Nuit Blanche, if you wanna get fancy. The plot revolves around an undercover police officer trying to rescue his kidnapped son from a villain-packed nightclub, which means there’s probably a lot of competitive dancing and electronic music involved. Deadline goes a little further, adding that Monaghan will be playing an Internal Affairs agent who discovers that Foxx might be corrupt and that he stole—and lost—a shipment of cocaine. That explains why the criminals went after his son, and why they’re challenging him to this increasingly grueling series of dance fights. Apparently, the project was originally in development at Warner Bros., but the studio dropped it for whatever reason. Recognizing a perfect starring role for Annie‘s Jamie Foxx, though, Open Road quickly swooped in and grabbed it.