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Jamie Bell is a white supremacist in search of redemption in A24's Skin

The tattoos are all you see when you look at Skin’s Bryon Widner, a lifelong skinhead who, in A24’s upcoming feature, reckons with whether erasing them from his body can help reform a damaged soul. Jamie Bell, tatted, bald, and beefy, stars as Bryon in Guy Nattiv’s feature, which is adapted from his Oscar-winning short film.

Danielle Macdonald (Patti Cake$, Dumplin’) also leads the cast as the single mother who helps Bryon ponder another life, while Mike Colter (Luke Cage) co-stars as the soul who could help him forge a path out. Leaving the life isn’t so easy, after all, with Bryon’s parents (Bill Camp and Vera Farmiga) being the people who raised him with those beliefs.


Skin, which is said to be based on a true story, hits theaters on July 26, but can be viewed by DIRECTV subscribers on June 27.

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