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James Woods kicked off Twitter for being a dumbass

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Twitter has a pretty terrible record when it comes to effectively removing trolls and abusive users from their platform, but occasionally they get one right. This weekend, Oscar-nominated actor turned conservative nut-job James Woods was locked out of the social media website for essentially being a total dumbass. According to the Associated Press, Woods was suspended for a meme he shared back in July that satirically encouraged men not to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Twitter believes this post violated their rules because it “has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact the election.”

Like everyone else who has been rightfully or wrongfully locked out of their Twitter account, Woods received an email from the company informing him that he would be allowed back into the site if he deleted the offending tweet. Being the stubborn dumbass that he is, Woods refused and—as of writing this article—still appears to be locked out of his account. “Free speech is free speech—it’s not Jack Dorsey’s version of free speech,” Woods told AP, adding that, if he deleted this particular tweet, he’d have to watch what he says in all his other tweets going forward. We struggle to see how this would be a bad thing.


Unsurprisingly, conservatives on Twitter like Paul Joseph Watson and his ilk have been fervently tweeting support for Woods, saying that silencing him is part of some larger campaign to silence conservative voices on the platform. After a few more days of feigned outrage, we have no doubt Woods will quietly delete the offending tweet and return to his regular schedule of posting conspiracy theories and obliquely racist drivel. Until then, enjoy this brief break!

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