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James Wan to produce I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot for Amazon

Illustration for article titled James Wan to produce iI Know What You Did Last Summer /ireboot for Amazon
Photo: Daniel Boczarski (Getty Images for Warner Bros.)

According to Dread Central, horror pro James Wan (of The Conjuring, Insidious, and, uh, Aquaman) is set to produce a modern reboot of I Know What You Did Last Summer as an “episodic series” for Amazon. The story doesn’t say anything about a director or cast or when this might actually air, but Wan’s involvement alone is a pretty big deal—because, as we noted in the previous sentence, he made very good horror movie The Conjuring, surprisingly fine horror movie Insidious, and not-at-all horror movie Aquaman). On the other hand, turning a horror movie into a serialized TV series doesn’t always work out all that well, as MTV learned with the troubles it had with its Scream adaptation.


For anyone who wasn’t a teen in the late-’90s, the original I Know What You Did Last Summer was about a group of friends who accidentally kill a fisherman with their car and then ditch his body. A year later, they start receiving threatening messages from someone who—get this—knows what they did last summer. Then they all get murdered by someone with a big hook. It had Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze Jr., which is one hell of a cast for a movie in 1997. Who’s the modern Ryan Phillippe? That’s for James Wan to decide now, but he’ll probably just pick Patrick Wilson.

This is the latest attempt to reboot the film based on Lois Duncan’s novel of the same name, with the last one coming way back in 2014.

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