The Entity

Horror movies are a very strange proposition. Moviegoers can choose either to experience gore-filled scenes, sharp discomfort, and genuine fear, or can elect to sleep peacefully for the next three weeks. Because we live in a world of masochists, most people inevitably go with the former, or there wouldn’t have been seven Saw films. James Wan knows this cycle all too well, having created the original Saw and serving as a producer on every subsequent sequel. There’s also his work directing wonderfully terrifying films such as Dead Silence, Insidious, and The Conjuring.

Now, fresh off the success of Furious 7—a film that replaced Wan’s horror sensibilities with something that makes Vin Diesel smell a Best Picture win—the director is reuniting with his writing team from The Conjuring to produce a remake of the 1983 film The Entity. Chad and Carey Hayes will pen the script and Roy Lee (The Ring) will join as a producer.


The Entity is based on the true story of Carla Moran, a single mom who claimed to have been abused physically and sexually by a demon. Barbara Hershey played Moran in the original film, and Ron Silver was the doctor who thinks she’s actually abusing herself and deluded by events from her troubled past. The remake doesn’t have a director yet, and as Wan is already busy with The Conjuring 2 and possibly Aquaman, it seems likely he won’t fill that role.