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James Wan introduces some of the big fish boys you'll meet in Aquaman

Roar! Look at this hungry fish boy!
Photo: Streeter Lecka (Getty Images)

As far as the internet is concerned, cats might as well be nonexistent. Even dogs, despite enjoying a resurgence thanks to being rebranded as “doggos” and “puppers,” will soon be played out. Luckily, The A.V. Club is always on the forefront of the hottest trends, and we think the internet is primed and ready to get really into a new kind of animal that we’re going to call “fish boys.” Basically, much like how people react to a photo of a cute dog on Twitter with “look at that good pupper,” now we’ll all post a photo of a sea creature on Twitter with a caption like “yum yum, look at this hungry fish boy.”

With that established, let’s take a look at some real big fish boys courtesy of Aquaman director James Wan:


Grr! Look at those angry fish boys! Ready to fight for the ocean! One is a big hammerhead shark, and the other is a big ocean lizard called a Tylosaur (which would also be a cool nickname for someone named Tyler), with Patrick Wilson’s King Orm on one and Willem Dafoe’s Vulko riding the other. Wilson and Wan even had a little Twitter chat about what it was like working with these adorable fish boys, neither of which is actually real, and it apparently involved a “blue, mechanical bull” with a funny name:


[via Deadline]


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