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James Wan and Lindsey Beer join Mark Millar's The Magic Order on Netflix

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With Netflix dropping its Marvel shows and fully committing to original content, the streaming service has had to turn somewhere else for a way to address the all-important comic book adaptation genre. It landed on Mark Millar, the guy behind Wanted, Kick-Ass, and the Secret Service comics that inspired the Kingsman movies (not to mention the comic that inspired Captain America: Civil War). Netflix bought the rights to all of Millar’s creator-owned comics and got to work adapting all of them, but it also has been working with Millar to create new comics specifically so they can be adapted, with the first being last year’s The Magic Order.


Now, Netflix is ready to move forward with its live-action version of The Magic Order, with a press release announcing that James Wan from Aquaman and Lindsey Beer from Netflix’s Sierra Burgess Is A Loser have joined the project. Beer will serve as showrunner and write the series, while Wan will direct the first episode and executive produce. Despite the title, the series is not about someone who knows exactly what to say to their waiter. It’s actually about a group of magic families that live normal lives while secretly protecting mankind from some kind of magical threat—sort of like secret Harry Potter Avengers, but created by Mark Millar (and all that implies to comic book readers).

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