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Look, we know CSI: Cyber doesn’t have the best premise. It’s just like the three other CSI shows, but instead of taking place in a specific city, it has something to do with computers. We don’t know what it has to do with computers, but we assume that all of the crimes will happen in and/or around them. So, cyberbullying, pirating Expendables 3, leaving a “slow news day, huh?” comment, and other major crimes that people commit on the Internet. It also stars Patricia Arquette as a cyberpsychologist, which we’re just going to assume is a real thing even though it’s probably not.

But wait! CSI: Cyber is actually making a pretty impressive effort to get people to watch it. Back in July, we reported that the show had cast Community’s Charlie Koontz to play a socially awkward computer whiz named Daniel Grummitz, and while that news may only be exciting to a very specific group of TV viewers, it’s still pretty cool. Now, though, CSI: Cyber is practically daring you not to watch it by casting James Van Der Beek as an action movie-loving FBI Agent named—hold on to your butt, because this is pretty damn great—Elijah Mundo. Just picture Van Der Beek whipping off a pair of cool sunglasses and saying “I’m Agent Elijah Mundo, and this isn’t just any crime. This is a cyber crime.” How could anyone not want to see that?


This comes via Deadline, which makes it sound like Agent Mundo will be the hothead of the CSI: Cyber team, with his “diehard behavior” balancing out Patricia Arquette’s “expertise in psychology.” He’ll also probably yell at Koontz’s character to “say it in English” when he goes on some kind of nerd tirade, because that’s just the sort of thing Agent Mundo would do. He doesn’t have time for bullshit, he’s got cybercrimes to solve.

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