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James Van Der Beek finds work after Don't Trust The B---- as a gynecologist tending to ladies' ------s

Only days after Krysten Ritter found gainful, if comically sucky employment after the cancellation of Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23, her erstwhile sitcom pal James Van Der Beek has also landed on his feet, joining the CBS pilot Friends With Better Lives as a gynecologist. We know what you’re saying: Another role where James Van Der Beek plays himself? But no, according to the State of California, James Van Der Beek is not actually a licensed gynecologist, no matter what he may have told you at that party.

He is, in fact, an actor pretending to be a gynecologist, and this time doing so on a TV show where he’ll play Will, a "sarcastic" doc who “expects the absolute worst from everyone after his (soon-to-be) ex-wife’s infidelity”—a bitterness we’re guessing makes for some difficult daily interactions with his clients’ vaginas, which serve only to remind him of the pitiless emptiness women have inside. In fact, maybe sometimes Van Der Beek just likes to stand at the edge of the vagina and skip some stones, reflecting on how hard it is to grow up while Paula Cole plays gently in the background.


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