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James Patterson—writer of countless crime novels with titles like Along Came A Spider and See How They Run that probably don’t surpass an eighth-grade reading level—is finally getting serious about children’s literature. The Associated Press reports that Patterson has launched an imprint under Little Brown & Company called “jimmy patterson.” The imprint will publish children’s books by Patterson as well as other authors; the profits will go to several of Patterson’s favorite causes, such as teaching scholarships, library funds, and independent bookstores, which presumably are not located inside airports.

Although Patterson—whose books have sold approximately 300 million copies worldwide— has already written several children’s books, this raises the question of how, now that he’s publishing them as well, he will differentiate his nursery-rhyme-inspired adult novels from his stories for kids. Perhaps his children’s book titles will be more highbrow, such as Love In The Nap Time Of Cholera, Portrait Of The Artist As A Booger, and The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Nine, which could be a pop-up book.


[via Yahoo! News]

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